“I run a business with extraordinary products and getting good profit. One day, some of my business-savvy friends recommended creating a website to attract more customers and increase sales. So, I hired a website developer who built a website for me. However, I haven’t seen any significant improvement in my sales through this website. But why. “
Does this query ring a bell with you? Let’s examine the explanation using a simple and interesting example.
Think about buying a radio. When you turn on the ON button, can you immediately hear your favorite song? Probably not, right? To enjoy the song, you need to tune it correctly. This same principle applies to your website.

Starting to make sense now? Great! To enhance your website’s performance, you need to try some website optimization strategies. When your website performs well, it ranks high in Google’s search results, bringing in more visitors and possibly increasing your sales.
But can you achieve it on your own? Not quite! You will need the assistance of an SEO agency to make it happen. They do SEO website optimization to enhance its performance.
Curious about what those strategies might be and how they achieve it? Let’s start this journey together.

• Satisfying The Real Need Of The Users

In today’s digital age, the use of AI is on the rise, with people turning to AI tools for various purposes. However, it is worth noting that a significant number of individuals are utilizing AI primarily for content generation. (Source: https://prod.ucwe.capgemini.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/GENERATIVE-AI_Final_WEB_060723.pdf)

(Source: https://prod.ucwe.capgemini.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/GENERATIVE-AI_Final_WEB_060723.pdf)

You may be wondering why that matters. So, here’s the lowdown: There is a difference between how humans and machines communicate.
Humans are the only species with the capacity to recognize and respond to others’ true needs. We can relate to people on an emotional level and empathize with them, adjusting our responses to meet their unique needs.
In contrast, AI lacks emotions and can sometimes fall short when it comes to truly satisfying human needs through its generated content. It struggles to establish that deep emotional connection, often missing the mark in using the right keywords to resonate with people.
So, while AI is incredibly powerful and versatile, especially in content creation, it is essential to remember that it doesn’t possess the innate human touch and understanding that can make all the difference in providing meaningful and resonant solutions to real human needs.
The professionals from SEO agencies conduct thorough keyword research to identify relevant and high-traffic keywords and strategically incorporate them into the content. They optimize titles, headings, and meta descriptions, making the useful content more appealing to both search engines and readers.

• Making the Website More Accessible to Users

Imagine that you need a new SIM card connection, and you decide to get one online because you don’t have much time. You conduct a Google search and select the first resultant website. But as soon as you arrive on the website, a bewildering array of menus greets you. You are unsure of how to begin your new application process. As you navigate through menu after menu, frustration sets in.
You eventually give up on that website and go to a different one. This time, everything is structured and easy to comprehend. It feels easy and you finish your application in just 5 minutes. Now, you feel happy and you are also eager to tell your friends about the website. That is how a fantastic user experience works.
If your website lacks this user-friendly approach, don’t expect to attract and retain many users. Yes! A study says approximately 38% of users will disengage from a badly designed mobile app or website. (Source: https://www.zippia.com/advice/user-experience-statistics/)

(Source: https://www.zippia.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/what-percent-of-users-wont-shop-with-bad-ux.png)

Now, you might be wondering, how can an SEO company assist with this.
An SEO company can significantly enhance website usability through various methods, including A/B testing. They analyze user behavior and preferences to make informed designs. By refining site layout, navigation, and content based on testing results, they ensure a seamless and satisfying user experience.

• Improving Mobile Friendliness

Imagine that you are searching for a restaurant to make a quick dinner order. You pull out your smartphone and visit a restaurant’s website. If the website isn’t mobile-friendly, you will likely encounter issues like small, challenging-to-read text, buttons that are too close together to comfortably tap, and a layout that doesn’t adapt to your screen size.
Now, think about a restaurant website that is mobile-friendly. It has a user-friendly menu, evenly spaced buttons, and legible text and adapts to your screen without any noticeable lag. You quickly find what you are looking for, place your order, and experience no hassles.
Here, the mobile-friendly website satisfied your needs and retained their business. It is a testament to why mobile-friendliness matters.
In a study, 74% of participants are inclined to revisit mobile-friendly sites. Furthermore, 67% of these users assert that they are more likely to make purchases after visiting a mobile-friendly website. It is obvious that focusing on mobile users can increase user retention and revenue.
(Source: https://www.zippia.com/advice/website-design-statistics/#:~:text=74%25%20of%20users%20are%20more,to%20buy%20products%20or%20services.)

By optimizing the layout of your website and making sure it works properly on mobile devices, an SEO company can increase your website’s mobile friendliness, as search engines prioritize mobile-friendly sites.

• Technical SEO

Technical SEO is crucial because it focuses on the backend of your website, ensuring it is optimized for search engines. For instance, having a fast-loading site improves user experience and search engine rankings.
An SEO company plays a vital role in technical SEO by identifying and rectifying issues such as broken links, improving site speed, optimizing meta tags, and enhancing mobile-friendliness. By addressing these technical aspects, they make your website more appealing to both search engines and users, resulting in higher rankings and increased organic traffic, ultimately benefiting your online visibility and business success.

• Analyzing Core Web Vitals and Structured Data (Schema)

These two terms are critical for a website’s performance and visibility. Core web vitals, like loading speed, interactivity, and visual stability, directly impact user experience. For instance, a slow-loading page can frustrate users, causing them to leave. Schema, on the other hand, helps search engines understand content, improving search results.
An SEO company plays a crucial role in optimizing these aspects. They enhance website speed, ensuring it loads swiftly for users. They also implement Schema markup, providing structured data that search engines can interpret. It boosts user satisfaction and search engine rankings, making the website more accessible and appealing to users and search algorithms.

Wrap Up

Are you prepared to boost your website’s performance using these five optimization strategies?


If you are unsure how to proceed or need guidance on this journey, Forix and its team of experts are here to assist you. They can identify issues, implement effective website optimization strategies, and enhance your website’s performance significantly. Reach out to them today to learn more!!!