The dynamic world of SEO is ever-evolving, finding new ways to beat the competition. Developers are constantly developing strategies and finding new ways to get better SEO rankings for their web pages. Sadly, SEO strategies come and go with changing trends. Backlinks are just as important now as they have ever been. Backlinks are evergreen SEO tools that are here to stay. As a developer or a creator, you can use a backlink management tool to be on top of the game.

What are backlinks?

Their job is to take the browser from one website to a page on a separate, unique website. If you want organic traffic on your webpage, you must get a high rating or preference from search engines like Google or Bing. Search engines use backlinks as a vote of confidence for your webpage, so the more backlinks direct to your webpage, the more organic traffic you will get from the search engines.

Now that you know the essence and use of backlinks, it is wise to learn about a few tools to help you utilize this powerful system of rerouting internet traffic into your webpage. Whether you are a veteran or a beginner in this domain, tools are supposed to make your life easier and cut development times.

The following are some of the most widely used backlink-building tools:

  1. Semrush:

    The most popular SEO tool in the market with the market leaders using their services, Semrush is a no-brainer whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran in SEO. Semrush provides content marketing, market research, advertising, social media and agency-focused services. The market-leading Fortune 500 companies to top tech companies rely on their services. The main highlight of this tool is the range of competitor backlink analysis tools provided in the subscription. Additionally, you can monitor the performance of your existing backlinks and get notified when one of your backlinks is deactivated or removed.

  2. Pitchbox:

    If you are an advanced builder and often work with teams, this tool might be the one for you. Pitchbox can help you create organized workflows to get the results you want by simplifying the development process. It is essentially an outreach platform that is most commonly used by experienced link builders. The cool thing about Pitchbox is that once you start a campaign, the tool will walk you through the process of finding prospects and collecting their contact info. Use the metric filters, delegate tasks to various team members and work with teams when you start using pitchbox.

  3. Respona:

    One of the most versatile and powerful link-building tools in the market, Respona is the go-to choice of countless SEO professionals worldwide. Some of the highlighted benefits of using Respona are:

    • Skyscraper technique: This technique requires you to input your competitor links into the tool. Once filled in, it will give you the list of URLs that link to your competitor’s site. This can help you determine what kind of webpage works best in building and maintaining organic traffic.
    • Guest post: Finding websites that accept guest posts can be a time-consuming task. Use Respona to get a list of websites accepting guest posts on a chosen topic.
    • Resource pages: If you want to increase your output speed, quickly finding the best resources can make all the difference. You can simply input the keywords, and the tool will find the most relevant resource pages on the topic.
    • Product review: You can use this tool to find the web pages that recently reviewed the competitor domain.
    • Podcast outreach: If you want data about all the different podcast appearances of an individual, you can use this tool.
  4. Buzzstream:

    One of the leading outreach CRMs in the market, Buzzstream helps you organize and manage your link-building portfolio. Along with link building, Buzzstream allows you to keep track of all the conversations regarding your projects to track and manage the performance of your pages. Buzzstream Chrome extension is a unique feature that sets it apart from the competition.

  5. HARO (Help A Reporter Out):

    If you need to quickly connect with bloggers, developers and journalists in your field, HARO must be in your arsenal of tools. The key to getting a higher number of reliable backlinks that churn out high traffic volume is your reputation in the domain. HARO can help you network and communicate with the leaders in your domain.

  6. Hunter:

    Finding the right email address is a pain that plagues each of us. Pulling data from numerous sources, Hunter provides astonishingly accurate contact info at the click of a button.

  7. Buzzsumo:

    SEO professionals use this content marketing tool to target the specific content niche and the competitors acting in this domain. For your page to be linked to other web pages, your content must satisfy some criteria. Buzzsumo helps you polish out the rough pages and makes sure others find it easy to backlink your content.

  8. Moz Link Explorer:

    If you want all backlinking data about one of your competitor URLs, Moz link explorer is the solution. It will help you find backlinks and the most relevant anchor text in a webpage backlink profile.

  9. Ahrefs:

    Crawlers determine the search engine ranking, organic growth potential and backlinking ability of your webpage. Ahrefs is the premier link-building tool used by SEO professionals to track their rankings, research keywords and technical SEO backlink audit tool.

  10. Majestic:

    If you want top-of-the-class SEO link building and backlinking on a budget, Majestic is here to the rescue. With popular tools like topical trust flow, it is equally popular among beginners and pros.

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Final thoughts on tools for backlink management

The online landscape is highly competitive and millions of global entities compete for traffic. Any business or website aiming to be successful in this arena must consider all parameters that they need to excel in, and dedicated tools are the best option for keeping track of analytics and speeding up performance without compromising quality. You can choose from a range of different backlink checker tools. Compare the best tools online, do your research and pick the one best suited to you.