Backlink building plays a critical role in improving SEO performance. These links originate from external websites, ensuring the credibility of your website to search engines. Likewise, Google determines the trustworthiness and relevance of a website through backlinks. Backlinking is one of the top criteria in the page ranking algorithm of Google. Also, it is more about the quality of the backlinks than the quantity, which influences the SERPs. Did you know most SEO experts believe that external linking is the third most essential factor for SEO performance? That’s why your link-building strategies have to be on-point to rank consistently high.


On that note, here are a few tried and tested SEO link-building strategies relevant in 2023.

#1 Outreach Link Building

Our first backlinking strategy is outreach, which involves reaching out to high-value websites and asking them to link back to your website. It’s one of the most common strategies for link building. Marketers, in this case, have to provide a valid reason to link back to your site content. When pitching the external site, you should highlight all that makes your content unique with specific details. Outreach link building ensures the following:

Enhanced brand awareness

Expansion of target audience

SERP boost

Sales boost

Increased organic and referral traffic

#2 Unlinked Brand Mentions

As evident from the phrase, unlinked brand mentions comprise instances when a website mentions your business or brand name without linking back to your website. Although linking back is considered a more viable tactic, it’s proven that leading search engines like Google and Bing highly regard unlinked mentions for SERPs.
If people are talking about your brand and caring enough to mention it in their content, it’s relevant enough. However, the unlinked mention should be contextual. Google has filed a patent to call unlinked mentions implied links to establish its value in SEO.

#3 Broken Link Building

This is the process of identifying broken, dead, or invalid links on other sites. These are links that lead to nowhere. Upon finding, you convince the site admin to replace the broken link with an alternative working link from your website. It is a useful technique for link-building or earning quality backlinks from external domains.
According to experts, broken link-building often showcases a higher success rate compared to other tactics and is considered one of the best link-building strategies. Why? It’s because offering an alternative working link, you are helping website admins solve a significant site issue. This strategy helps with the following:

Link building on pages with high authority and traffic.

Generate ideas for link-bait

Get links earlier leading to competitors

#4 Competitive Link Analysis

Competitive link analysis is the process of analyzing the link profiles of competitor websites. It helps you understand what kind of content generates the most backlinks. Also, you get an idea about how your competitors are earning their backlinks for link-building. Marketers leverage the information to create similar content for respective websites for similar results. The benefits of competitive link analysis are:

Creating new opportunities for link building

Determine top-performing website content

Expanding link building efforts

Improving the backlink profile of your website

Identifying and bridging the gap in your link building

Avoid threats to your backlink profile

Identify niche link building trends

#5 Digital PR

It is the process of using targeted strategies to increase brand awareness through digital tactics. This is an extensive plan including a series of techniques and practices that generate favorable results for website link-building. Examples of digital PR include the following:

Issuing a company press release on leading online and offline publications and new sites

Collaborating with online journalists and bloggers

Leveraging influencer marketing

The easiest way is to issue a statement through a press release. If something newsworthy happens in your business, let’s say an industry milestone, a new product launch, or infrastructural changes, you can release a PR announcing the same. When the news is published on high-value news sites and blog sites, it will link back to your website, generating significant traction.

#6 Linkable Assets

Linkable assets are content that attracts quality backlinks for the website. These are infographics, calculators, free tools, data studies, original research, whitepapers, and tutorials. These are engaging content that naturally attracts backlinks from all over. There are several advantages to using linkable assets for link building:

The informational and engaging content enables backlink generation through a vast range of topics.

It enhances the long-term organic visibility of the website content.

Linkable assets keep attracting backlinks over a long time.

Engaging and informative content can help you forge relationships with industry peers and influencers.

Lastly, linkable assets work wonders in increasing brand awareness and credibility.

#7 Guest Blog Posting

Here you write and publish blogs on external websites which link back to your website. This is another common white-hat-link-building strategy. However, there are regulations in place. You cannot publish guest blogs randomly on any site to increase the number of backlinks. It violates the guidelines set by Google. 
It is recommended you collaborate with relevant blog sites or websites, preferably catering to your niche for quality link building. How to find relevant sites for guest posting? You can use Google search operators and initiate a query that says keyword + intitle: “write for us”. This will give you niche websites for guest posting.

#8 Help a Reporter Out (HARO)

HARO or Help a Reporter Out is the last point in our list of link-building strategies. It is an effective strategy that helps with great link-building. It helps journalists connect with industry players and experts for niche pieces. If they cite anyone from your company, the article will link back to your website.

Wrapping Up

So, these are the top link-building you should use to improve the overall performance of your website. For more information and a data-driven SEO strategy, connect with the experts at Forix SEO.